Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I recently started sewing when I 'inherited' a box of fabric remnants. The pieces of fabrics were from my mother and intended for my toddler son and his crafting. Master E., with only a little help from me, made a series of cards from the fabrics - a birthday card for his Grandpa (Poppa) and some mother's day cards for his Grannie and Grandma.

I too became inspired and decided to get my sewing machine out of the cupboard and practice sewing using the fabric remnants. It soon became apparent to me that an essential sewing item is a pincushion... so in the wee hours of the morning I quickly made this pincushion out of old curtain material. The pincushion's greatest strength is it's accidental ergonomic design - it is so easy to hold and it nestles into the palm of my hand. Regrettably the disadvantages out number the benefits - its greatest fault being a point of function - the filling is so tough in sections that the pins don't actually stick into it!!! (A very serious flaw indeed for a pincushion).

So the time had come to make the time to create a functional pincushion - and it occurred to me on Monday that this could be a good way to put the piece of fabric from my Nan to good use. I found a pattern for a pincushion and here it is...

... its not quite finished. The pattern calls for ribbon and a button - but I didn't have anything suitable on hand. Nonetheless I'm pretty chuffed with it and it is wonderful to have a bit of Nan with me on my sewing adventures.

Special to me.

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