Friday, June 5, 2009

while Master E. is sleeping

Before heading off to bed tonight Master E. announced that he wanted me to make him a hat and shoes like those I've been making for his younger sister Ms. M. Prior to jumping in the bath I traced his foot to get an idea of his size and formulated a very rough pattern. Since I didn't have any fabric especially for the project & my fabric stash is quite small & meagre I used fabric that in a previous life had been cushion covers. While he was bathing I cut the pieces and by the time he had finished reading his last bedtime story with his father I'd almost finished one shoe.

I used the opportunity to try out a new hat pattern that I'd recently acquired and actually made improvements too (the original pattern didn't use interfacing in the peak and the finished product was rather rough around the edges as it wasn't lined - what the?) The finished product is a bit rough as I was eager to try the pattern out from an engineering perspective rather than pay attention to good sewing... still not bad for a couple of hours work?

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