Friday, July 31, 2009

blast off

Yesterday I started my evening course in screen printing. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. My partner came home from work a little earlier than usual to ensure that I had enough time to get ready and I left home with plenty of time to make my journey. Nonetheless I hadn't countered on having difficulties finding a parking spot so in the end I was a little late for my first class. I don't like being late in any circumstances but it is even worse when the result is walking into a classroom, or in this case a studio, full of people.

Our first class covered cleaning and preparing screens and then we had a go at printing using wax crayons to make our designs - see my effort, a rocket ship (in case you couldn't tell) above.

It was really inspirational seeing all the different ways that other students in the class approached the task - some with raving success (albeit accidental) and some with disastrous outcomes. I think the less successful attempts were the most interesting because from them came the greatest lessons.

My homework for next week is to design and make my film positives ready to make screens using emulsion. I have so many ideas that at this stage the most difficult thing to do is making the decision about what to start with.

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  1. What a wonderful screen print. I'm no expert but it seems like a fantastic example of naive art. Great effort.


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