Saturday, July 4, 2009


"It is important to remember ... a greater part of the history of embroidery involves the countless generations of anonymous embroiderers that have carried on the time honoured traditions of their forbearers. This is the embroidery that was worked on domestic items, to decorate a trousseau or a shroud, to hold padded layers together for warmth, to welcome the safe arrival of a baby, to mark a rite of passage, to make an ordinary life of a little less ordinary. This is the history that we tap into today, no longer embroidering because we have to, but because we can. And in an age where everything is mechanised and mass-produced, the sheer pleasure of producing something beautiful slowly by hand is not to be underestimated" (p. 116 Complete Contemporary Craft - Embellishments )

So with that inspiration I have taken up my needle & thread.

practice stitches

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