Tuesday, July 21, 2009

first tuesday bookclub

My partner and I have decided to read along with the
ABC's First Tuesday Book Club
- he is currently reading book 1 Gone Tomorrow and I'm suppose to be reading book 2 Middlesex.

I haven't started reading yet - better get a wriggle on though ready to swap books. Finding it a bit tricky to get started... the blurb on the back reads:

"A rollicking family epic like no other, Middlesex follows three generations of the Stephanides family from 1920s Greece to Detroit in the mid to late 20th century to contemporary Berlin. Brother and sister Lefty and Desdemona flee the crumbling Ottoman Empire in 1922; by the time their ship docks in New York they are husband and wife. The narrator of this funny and humane tale is their grandchild Cal, who as a result of their unusual liaison was born a girl but grows into a man."
I suppose I am hesitant because although it is described as 'funny and humane' I get the vibe that it may indeed be rather full on.

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