Monday, August 17, 2009

carrot tops

day 7

In addition to growing carrots in our vegie garden I thought it would be fun to show Master E. carrot tops growing on the window sill. I remember doing this when I was a child. Rather than putting the carrot tops in the worm farm they've been placed on a bed of cotton wool and watered daily (about a tablespoon) as I do the dishes. By day five there was evidence of green shots about to burst into life. Amazing really how quickly new growth appears.

carrot tops - first week in review


  1. Look like some weird sort of poached eggs. No way I would eat them.

  2. so i did this and will the grow carrots after a long time in the ground or not and i got my carrots out of the fridge will that still work or not thanks for posting great idear and could you reply to

  3. Any carrots will grow. I have used the cotton wool method and have planted the carrot heads in the ground once the greenery has started sprouting. They edible and there is nothing wrong with them. Before you judge, give it a go!


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