Thursday, August 27, 2009


Master E's egg

The theme on playschool this week was ducks and as such one of the craft activities was to decorate pieces of cardboard cut in the shape of an egg.
Master E. was quite taken with the idea of eggs that day and as such was actually prepared to give the activity a go. He is starting to show more interest in arts and crafts - much to my delight.

All in all it was quite an eggy day - hard boiled egg for lunch and omelette for dinner.
So what to do with the egg shells?
I used them in my on going battle against snails and slugs in the vege garden. Crushed egg shells are a great way to ward off these slimy creatures as they find it difficult to move over the sharp edges. Works a treat :)

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  1. Great minds think alike?!

    We put our egg shells in our compost bin. So far we haven't had much of a problem with slugs and snails, but we don't have a veggie garden yet. So good to know for when we do! :)


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