Sunday, August 23, 2009

lined jacket & cuffed pants

A jacket & pants for Ms. M

This is my first attempt at making a fully lined jacket. It took me ages to figure out how to finish it! I was stuck on how to sew the lining into the sleeves. Pleased with my first attempt at a ladder stitch - barely detectable. I've decided against buttons at this time, which in light of my recent haul of buttons may seem to be a strange decision. However without buttons the jacket sits on Ms. M so nicely and it is so easy to turn inside out for another look (... excellent for hiding food slops when we're out & about!). I suppose I could sew buttons on both sides using the same button holes but I wonder if that would be uncomfortable as she crawls all over the floor. Maybe I'll change my mind... ?!?!

Using material from an old skirt of mine and the remnants from the lining I also made some pants.

Ms. M looks so cute in the outfit - but no photos yet - she is so quick getting around these days it is becoming harder and harder to take a decent pic.

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