Sunday, September 27, 2009

eye spy ... something that I shouldn't eat but do anyway

I try not to use the words "should" and "shouldn't". Over the years I have found them to be no good for my relationships in general - including with people and food - and they are certainly no good for my mind. All too easily these two small words build fortresses around me that prevent me trying new things or, worse still, become canes I use to beat and punish myself.

With that in mind I considered foods that I consumed that could be replaced with better options. It is commonly touted that eating locally produced food is a better option to imported goods because it supports the local economy. I'm still in the process of deciding how this sits with me and what my attitudes to globalisation is - you'll get to read more about that one day in the future. Regardless, it is important to me that by eating local products I am reducing my carbon footprint and helping the environment.

Our family tries to buy as much of our fresh food as possible at the local farmer markets which primarily sells local produce. We also try to grow some fruit, vegies and herbs in our own garden. Economies of scale being what they are, not to mention the fact that both my partner and I feel incredibly time poor, we do still pop up the road to our local Woolies to grab items for the pantry. As I walk up and down the aisles price is at the forefront of my thoughts. It is common for my shopping trolley to be a 3D collage of red and white 'homebrand' items. This has changed a bit of late as we make much greater efforts to avoid preservatives and artificial colours. Nonetheless where the product is made barely features in my decision making.

With trepidation I today went to our pantry cupboard to survey where exactly our staples came from. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were a lots of Australian made (with Australian ingredients) items - but there was still a significant presence of imported food stuffs.

Almost all the homebrand items were made from overseas. So I could eat better but with a tight budget I'm probably going to eat some imported homebrand products anyway. I promise I'll look harder for a local alternative at a similar price.

On the side:
Sally to her partner in a very excited tone as she rummages through the very messy pantry: "Wow! the homebrand tinned beetroot is made in Australia"
Partner: "Who else but Australians would eat beetroot out of a can?"

Thanks to Jennifer Rose for this week's theme and thanks too to Cindy for hosting :)


  1. Amen! I don't like the words 'should' and 'shouldn't' either, and particularly in relation to foods, so I was wondering what I would post if I joined in Eye Spy this week. Which I won't because you've said it all.
    Look forward to hearing your thoughts on globalisation, local shopping and carbon footprints... once you crystalize them! Bit of a minefield really, and I'm still trying to think through it all too...

  2. I agree with the should should't in fact i try ot never say should ever- its a house rule. its like starting a senetence with "you always" thats going to start a brawl for sure, we avoid it.
    as for the beetroot I agree with your partner. completely.

  3. I know that feeling of standing in front of a supermarket shelf thinking "shouldn't" and sometimes "want to anyway"- it takes me hours to do the shopping ;)

  4. Great post, I couldn't agree more with your sentiments about should and shouldn't, and also about buying local. There is only one brand of tinned tomatoes that are Australian in the supermarkets around here and the price is ridiculous but I refuse to buy tinned tomatoes from Italy!


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