Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It is a truth universally acknowledged that we all need a hug every now and then. Hug by Jez Alborough is a truly delightful tale of a young chimp in need of a hug. Told almost exclusively with pictures - the only words in the text are "hug", "mummy" and "bobo" - the story is one that the reader, regardless of their age, can easily relate to.

A part of our own collection, Hug is a story that my son and I have enjoyed reading for years. Often he and I dramatise the story when we're goofing around and play acting. Even though our copy is the board book version it has been so well read that it is now held together with tape and contact.
Ms. M is now too discovering the beauty and universal themes of this charming yet simple tale.


  1. I remember this one too from "reading" it to my granddaughter (Noli of mud fame)-- I'll have to find it again at the library since she loves play acting and hugs!!

    Funny to think that you're already on Wednesday when I'm still only halfway through Tuesday!

    Left a comment on your eye-spy too...

  2. Ooh, we have this book too! It's great, the story is never the same when we read it to our little man - great fun!

  3. We love HUG at our house, too.... just gorgeous.

  4. Hey, I know that book. I gave it to my (adult) brother for his birthday one year because we call him Bobo. (Tim --> Timbo --> Bobo)


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