Tuesday, September 29, 2009

just a minute ...in september

I'm playing along for the first time with the JAM fun @ August Street...

Reading... Jane Eyre (again!)

I can't say that I am 'reading' them because it is more like flicking through the pages and admiring the pictures ;)

Watching... the ABC on Wednesday nights - Spicks and Specks, The Librarians (finished now - felt like a very short series) and then United States of Tara.

Listening... oldies in the car like My Friend the Chocolate Cake, The Beautiful South and Lenard Cohen. Nina Simone features every month.

Thinking... about commercialisation, sexualisation, globalisation and brainoverloadisation.

Tasting... lots and lots of vegetarian curries.

Discovering... that persistence and patience really do pay off, just not straight away!

Exploring... parks in the local area on weekend family walks. Blissful times I will treasure forever.


  1. I love walking around parks, even the smallest local reserve always has something! Our apartment backs onto one, and it's so nice to just go out and sit and read!

  2. mmm vegetarian curries, yum yum! I love Leonard Cohen and the divine Ms. Simone too

  3. Wednesday nights on ABC are the best! Not forgetting the Movie Show after Tara for a squiz on what's coming out soon.

    Wise notion with persistence and patience... oh it's just so true!

  4. I've also been exploring parks in my local area -some of them i din't even know existed.

    Yum - vegetarian curries. You have helped me decide what to have for dinner tomorrow night.


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