Monday, September 28, 2009

one sheet

I recently inherited this sheet. Originally it was my paternal grandmother's but for some reason my mother has been hanging on to it for the past 10 or so years. Now it has found itself to me and I'm looking for inspiration on what to transform it into. I've got a couple of ideas gathering speed but I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.


  1. Amanda Soule, on Soule Mama, made the most darling lounge pants for home out of a vintage sheet. I tried to find her post, but could not, but she could tell you which post it was....happy crafting.

  2. Love sheets... I recycle them in all kinds of ways, usually as lining for things... But, as it was your grandmother's, it'd probably be nicer to make something you can remember her by I guess? Hmm, difficult one, isn't it... Okay, sorry. I'm useless to you. What would I do? I think I'd ask Gina from Clutterpunk! :) K

  3. It has a nautical feel. Perhaps cushions, banners, a special shopping bag. I would team it with white linen or heavy cotton on half or two thirds of the object. Very lucky to inherit something special. Cherrie

  4. I was thinking lining too, like Kylie, but like like the idea of making something that you can keep rather than clothes. Then the sheet will be able to stay in your family for many more years. What about a Happy Birthday banner - like this

  5. Thanks so much for all the brilliant ideas. I'm not particularly attached to the sheet - brown stripes really aren't my thing - and I know the three smelly uncles that have slept on it too ;)

    Inspirational ideas - I'm loving them all!

    Any more ideas - brilliant, ordinary or just plain old bad - keep 'em coming...


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