Tuesday, September 1, 2009

what the sky knows

One of my greatest daily pleasures is reading to my two small children. Generally I read about six to ten children's books a day - most are wonderful, enchanting and perhaps humorous whilst others have me thinking "what the?!?!"

I thought I would start sharing some of my thoughts about these books with you...

What the sky knows is written by Nike Bourke and beautifully illustrated by Stella Danalis. The text examines, using metaphors, juxtaposition and symbols, all the different aspects of the sky - colour, sound, movement. What the sky knows is fanciful and enchanting - capturing both the child and adult reader's imagination. The illustrations, which are colourful and intricate collages, are filled with visual tricks and jokes providing plenty of discussion points (in my son's case "what's that called?" and "why?").

With my ever increasing interest in surface design What the sky knows is a feast of patterns that capture my imagination and leave me feeling inspired to go forth and create.

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