Friday, October 2, 2009

bike shorts

I made these 'bike' shorts for my boy Master E. The fabric, which I spotted at my local Spotlight store, was a spur of the moment purchase. I'm in the process of designing some bike fabric to send off to Spoonflower. I was thinking that I'd make some Chrissy presents for Master E. with it. I considered not worrying about it when I saw this fabric, but I have since decided that mine will be just as good.

Master E loves these pants so much that he actually 'stole' them my sewing (formerly known as dining) table and wore them for the day before they'd even been hemmed (***gasp***shock! horror!). As a little bit of payback I've left the pockets stitched up and have a bit of a practical joke planned for him ;)

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  1. Those are pretty snazzy bike shorts. But wearing them unhemmed?? I like your revenge!!!


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