Wednesday, October 7, 2009

crochetober - working on the chain gang

I really want to learn how to crochet. My goal is to crochet my first granny square by the end of October. I have mastered the chain stitch. I crocheted this length of chain stitch today while the bubs were having their naps - they rarely nap at the same time so it was a lovely relaxing thing to do ...that is until I tried the treble stitch.


  1. Why, that sure is a long length of chain you've got yourself there, Sally!
    Crochet does my head in. I'd like to learn, too, but perhaps my desire to master this particular craft is outweighed by my love of instant gratification.

  2. Get yourself over to Attic24 the blog. On her side bar there is a tutorial for her garden squares, click it and go for it. I promise you it is not as hard as it looks at first. her tutorials are easy peasy.

  3. Way to go Sally. Once you can chain you can conquer crochet!


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