Sunday, October 18, 2009

envirotober - the enemy cheap skate within

After giving away the first veggie bags that I made to my grandmother I made these veggie bags above from an old sarong (that was certainly never mine but that I can't explain how it has come into my possession). This afternoon however I noticed that my partner had returned from the local market with lots of those nasty plastic bags. Because last night was one of those hellish sleep deprived nights - both our children were up for most of the night crying - I assumed that he had just forgotten to take them. I mentioned that perhaps it would be a good idea to leave them in the car ready for next time. The expression on his face gave away the fact that he had not forgotten them at all. I asked if he hadn't used them because of the colours to which he informed me the colours were fine but that the bags weighed more than the plastic ones and he didn't want to get "ripped off". Huh??? I couldn't believe my ears - I knew he was a cheap skate but this surely was ridiculous. So I asked him to weigh the most expensive item in the plastic bag and then again in one of the veggie bags to calculate the difference in cost. He weighed the mushrooms and initially advised me that the difference in price would be 15c. My reaction - well that's not much to save the planet! He, however, was adamant that 15c was a lot of money and should be saved.

His next argument - it would be a pain because they cannot see what the item in the bag is at the checkout so it would take longer, and "what's the value of my time?". My response - well just take all the produce out of the bag when it needs to be weighed at the point of sale, and he wouldn't have to worry about the difference in weight at all. It was then revealed to me that perhaps there was a miscalculation and the price difference was actually 1.5c.

Some people!!! How cheap can you be? Needless to say he'll be coming home with all the veggies in the bags that I made next week if he knows what's good for him!

Postscript - it has subsequently be revealed to me that his calculations were based on mushrooms costing $10/kg - but apparently he usually gets them for about $6 or $7 a kilo - so where really talking about a price difference of 0.7c a kilo.

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  1. Ahhh, gotta love a cheapskate! It's funny how being frugal can often work in the environment's favour, but then it can really really NOT, too. In this household, neither of us is frugal at all, which causes all sorts of other problems :-)
    I still forget my cloth bags at least half of the time. It's bad. I think it's in part because we have no shopping routine and we get lots of stuff delivered, so when I do go to the shops I'm generally not organised. Hmmm, must figure out a way to change that...


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