Sunday, October 25, 2009

eye spy ... something (that should be) cuddly

Uh-oh. This little fella should be cuddly but unfortunately he turned out freaky. I've seen so many people making softies for toy society and softies for mirabel I was inspired to give it a go myself. The whole process felt really strange to me I couldn't stop thinking of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and all the various movie adaptations of the text. I'm certainly not going to give this little fella to some disadvantaged child - but what is the etique here. Now that he is stuffed can he be taken apart? Is transplanting the toy-fill the same as an organ transplant? If I do take him apart - what does that say about my attitudes to things or people that aren't [warning - yucky word coming] "normal". Do toys really come alive after dark when we're all sleeping?

I'll certainly be giving softie making another go - but next time I'll hire the DVD Pinocchio first so I'm in a better frame of mind.

Thanks to Bek for this week's theme.
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  1. Things don't always go to plan! I'd unstuff and re-use for sure.

  2. Yep, don't let that fabric (or stuffing) go to waste. Maybe next time you are sewing something for disadvantaged children,you should probably think about sweet, happy things, like bunnies and hum Mary Poppins tunes and don't think about Frankenstein at all. Hmmm - maybe even Pinnochio might help... (I don't really think he is that bad)

  3. Haven't you seen that movie "Child's Play".... oooohhhhh ohhhhh ooooohhhhh

    (that was creepy oooohhhhhhs)

    Ok, sensible now. Have a quite moment together, then unpick and unstuff.

  4. we have a desk, maybe I can finally start sewing... although I have no idea where to start. Maybe a pair of shorts to Linus.

  5. Oh he isn't that bad! But I do know exactly what you mean- I have had a couple of softies turn out not to my liking that I intend to take apart, but they remain on my shelves, 10 months later. It just doesn't feel right. If you repurpose not-so-cuddly bear, I'll repurpose weird-shaped-dollies.

  6. i don't think he is freaky! but now you have me wondering what toys do get up to at night!

  7. He has a nice smile. And those wide open arms are very welcoming. Maybe too welcoming!

  8. What about whacking a BIG nose on him, some cute pink cheeks, maybe make the eyes bigger and maybe some pads on his paws...keep going, I think he's got potential. Print out a picture of him and draw some of the changes to see what you like. Seems a shame to pull apart! Chele x

  9. i actually don't think he is scary!

    But then looking at the fabric split down the side of the face I started thinking about E-Street's Mr Bad with the half black, half silver face paint (not sure if you know it, bad early 90s (I think) Aussie sitcom?!)! Perhaps I shouldn't have been thinking of that when looking at your softie :p

    I'd totally repurpose him if you're not happy with him :)


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