Wednesday, October 28, 2009

factoberfest - 10 things about me

Karen from And So, I Sew... recently put out the challenge to "post ten honest facts about yourself". Not long after Kate from Foxs Lane astutely posted about Blogutations and Blies which prompted me to reflect on the decisions I make about what to post and what to omit - sometimes quite deliberately and sometimes with no thought at all. For me, writing a blog has evolved, the initial seed was a whim - I think at the time I would have read no more than five blogs but for reasons I don't yet fully understand myself I decided to give it a go. I started reading more blogs and slowly negotiated my own way here at my blogland home
***PLAY the Warumpi Band's song My Island Home***.

BUT... now it is 11pm at night and I lie here in bed, my knees raised with my laptop resting on my thighs, intermittently enduring a stomach crunch so that I can slurp a cup of tea, and agonising over what to include and what to exclude for the sake of my blogutation is beyond me - but reader please beware, self censorship is here ... after all - I am virtually Sally.

With that being said - the following ten facts about me are 100% honest:
1. I have been a vegetarian for 65% of my life - I'm still not really sure why but I am and I can't imagine being anything else. Pesto is my favourite food. I usually order palak paneer when ordering Indian food from a restaurant or takeaway.
2. Since the birth of my children you will find me wearing jeans most days.
3. I adore being in the garden - but I am more likely to start a project than finish it.
4. When I am sitting in the front passenger seat of a car I will usually have my feet propped up on the dash board regardless of what I am wearing.
5. My side of the bed is always the side closest to the window.
6. I can only hang my clothes on matching white coat hangers. They all have to be the same.
7. There is a cob web swaying from the top of my bedside lamp to the top of my bed head.
8. My mind is like a scratched record which can be very frustrating to me at times.
9. I drink my tea and coffee white with one. I don't drink instant coffee.
10. I did not like the soundtrack to Titanic but I've always been partial to soundtracks featuring Kenny G.


  1. Hi there, and thanks for dropping by my blog :-)

    I've just had a lovely browse through yours - love all the sewing! I wish I could sew properly :-( But if/when I do take it up, I know where to come for tips and inspiration! :-)

  2. Great post Sal, just one question, are you me? All my clothes are on matching white hangers, all exactly the same. I don't drink instant coffee either, real coffee or bust (white with 2). I love pesto and Indian food.
    I'm worried that if we ever meet we might interrupt the space/time continuum.

  3. It is interesting to think about the people we "know" in blogland and the blogutation and blies (theirs and ours!).

    Well it has been nice to get to "know" you a little better and so you know, although slightly inappropriate and certainly not a suggestion, we could always share a bed as my side of the bed is always the side away from the window! xxx

  4. I'm so with you on the jeans thing - clothes these days are suitable for park play and bending over at a moments notice!
    In our house cobwebs have become 'fluffies', one of the girls saw one floating over her bed one day and declared loudly that there was a fluffy in her room.
    I think it sounds much friendlier than cobweb!
    Very brave of you to admit the Kenny G stuff - now that's honesty!


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