Saturday, October 17, 2009

francaistober- grey is the colour

Here is a little grey dress for Ms. M, who no doubt has too many dresses for a girl that, now summer is almost here (35 degrees today!), will be primarily hanging out in singlets and a nappy. The birdies are pink, but it is a bit hard to tell from the picture.
Some grey 'dragon' shorts for Master E, who when presented with them declared that he would prefer crocodile pants. Amazing how two year olds know exactly what to say to push your buttons... not to worry I faked nonchalance.

Both garments, I am proud to say, have been finished beautifully - french seams throughout. Making up veggie bags with french seams is one thing, but making garments wasn't as tricky as I thought it was going to be once I got my head around it.

So what do you think about grey for baby and toddler clothes?
Grey is one of my favourite colours and I particularly love pink and grey together (which is interesting because I'm not especially fond of pink on its own). Ms. M was wearing her frock the other day with a pink stripped t-shirt underneath and it looked really good on her. I was worried that the grey pants might look a bit school uniform on Master E. but no they're actually a very handy item as they go with most shirts in his draws & look great back to front too! (one E's favourite ways to wear apparel these days - that and shoes of the wrong feet!)


  1. I think grey is a lovely base colour for clothing. It matches any skin tone and can be teamed with anything.
    I really like the shorts design - do you know the pattern brand and number?

  2. Recently I was knitting a cap-sleeve sweater thingy in grey for the seven year old and the whole time umhing and aahing over the colour. Not that it mattered - I was in it for the knit therapy not a practical wearable item. Anyhoo, it looks great! Worked a treat and goes with everything.

    PS. Very impressed in advance with the french seams thing. Once I google them, I'm sure I'll be even more so.

  3. Gorgeous! Did you print the birds? I'm sure I've seen them on another post of yours but can't find it now.
    I have always objected to children wearing black, and was slightly dismayed (and amused) to discover recently that my 7 year old daughter looks absolutely stunning in black (and grey) so I have let them in to her wardrobe. I actually love the combination of grey and pink, it's very classic.
    The shorts are great, are they difficult? I've never made shorts, but would love to have a go.
    Also, thanks for putting me onto French Seams, I followed your links in a previous post and think they are an ingenious way to finish a seam properly when you don't have an overlocker (like me!).

  4. I think grey would have to a lot nicer on a baby than black epecially if you still team it with soft colours. Really any colour on a baby or otherwise depends on the persons skin tone. I totally love the little girls pinnie with the bird emboidery. I imagine the bows or knots on the shoulder would be very girlie. Can you tell me what size you do the two seams for the french seam please. Cherrie

  5. Grey is a fantastic colour for kids - it doesn't show the dirt! I think your garments look great. How lovely to have the beautiful finish of French seams too. They will wash like a dream.

    I love the story about the crocodiles too! The first clothes I ever made were a pair of pyjamas for a then Master 3, who declared them "not finished" because I hadn't added pockets. Ah, kids!

  6. ooh wow, that is an absolutely gorgeous dress! and if it's too hot now, i'm just imagining how cute it will look with a long sleeve top and some tights underneath it come autumn


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