Thursday, October 1, 2009

knocktober - i think i'm an apple

Okay - to kick off blogtoberfest 2009 let me first share some words of wisdom that I recently discovered. I'm not sure who wrote them ... whoever you are - you're wonderful!
The Plum
You should learn that you cannot be loved by all people
If you are a plum you can become a very fine plum
Sweet, juicy, succulent
You can then offer yourself to all
And those who like plums will choose you
But, you must understand, that even if you are the finest
plum in the world, some people do not like plums!
Some people, you like, will prefer bananas.
However, you must be warned that because you are a plum,
you cannot also be a first rate banana
You need to know that people who like bananas will not
choose a second rate banana when there are first rate bananas available
You can spend your life trying to become a first rate banana.
You will find this impossible.
You are a plum!
And you must understand that, even if you did become the
finest banana in the world, some people you like do not like bananas.
You are a plum!
Seek to become the finest plum you can be, and enjoy the rewards that come to fine plums!

I think I might be an apple.

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  1. That is so cute!

    Thanks for sharing, I think it would be a fine poem to share with a child to help them to learn that being themselves is for the best... will have to try to remeber that in a few years time... (yes... that's a fine idea... I can't remember this time last week but a a wee blogpost I read one day, no probs, I'll remember THAT in 2012...!)


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