Monday, October 19, 2009

rangatober - don't palm us off

I was unprepared for parenthood from the very first second. It's not that I haven't tried to be prepared. I was pregnant for almost 42 weeks with my first child and duirng that time I read much literature, attended many ante-natal courses and quizzed people I knew about babies and parenthood. Even before he was conceived I had fantasised and imagined what my child would be like. But never, never ever, did I imagine that the first time I laid eyes on my child I would be taken aback by just how much he looked like my brother! And as if that wasn't shock enough (because I had always imagined my baby would have all the best features of my partner and me) there was a minature version of my brother with RED hair! It was a surprise.

My maternal love for my red headed son has overflown and now orangutans are amongst my favourite animals. I feel that there is now a special bond between us - like I am that little bit closer to them genetically. As such issues pertaining to organutans have become of great interest to me.

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Did you know...

  • approximately 6000 orangutans are killed each year and are possibly one generation away from extinction
  • their orangutan's habitat is mainly destroyed due to palm oil plantations (incidentally the production of palm oil is one literally stinky business - phew)
  • as palm oil is technically a vegetable oil it is listed as such on products
  • each Australian consumes about 10kg of palm oil each per annum without even knowing it.

What can you do to help?

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) can change labelling legislation - so let them know here that you'd like the right to choose.

Some good background reading can be found at Melbourne Zoo and at the Palm Oil Action Organisation.

And the good news for the chocolate lovers out there (and I get the impression there are a few of you) - Cadbury has announced they are removing palm oil from their chocolate.


  1. When Caleb was born he had red curly hair, glen was looking a little shocked. He told me he was going o check out the postman when he came passed. He still has ginger blonde?!

  2. Im rather partial to red heads myself - but I had the shock factor too.


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