Monday, October 12, 2009

teletober - opium for the kiddies?

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According to articles on the ABC News website today - Guidelines tipped to push toddler TV ban and TV in child care 'damaging toddlers' a new report titled "Get Up and Grow" recommends that children under two years not watch any television.

I was already aware that research has shown that there are no benefits watching television for a child under the age of two but when my son was about eighteen months old I really encouraged him to watch DVDs so that I could take a shower in peace. Where is the report detailing the benefits to the over-tired mother?

I can remember my grandfather saying that "television is the opium for the masses" and I must confess that when I do encourage my son to watch tv my intention is to engage him while I do something else - getting myself ready in the mornings or organising dinner of an evening. For the most part he watches DVDs - that way I'm familiar with the content and there is no additional advertising (other than the over the top branding and marketing associated with ALL children's tv).

There are just so many things to feel guilty about as a parent.


  1. Oh boy. I have to be upfront and say that our household has several hours of TV/DVD watching a day. Eeek. And it's all about my sanity. Boys up at 5am and often not napping in the day either... I just can't get through without the idiot box. Sometimes I'm unashamed about it, other times I feel concerned. Mainly for no2 child. First boy didn't (wouldn't!) watch anything until he was 18months. No2 has been in front of it from very very early.

  2. I think you are making deliberate, well thought decisions that suit YOUR family.

  3. Yes I know this is an old post, but I have been reading through your blog as I just saw the beautiful things you sent to Gina and popped over for a closer look!

    This TV thing has been on my mind since that research hit the media too. My kids watch TV ++. Usually ABC kids for about an hour in the morning (like you, so I can do stuff), Caleb will watch something after lunch while Jem naps and then it will be on again so I can cook dinner. Sometimes there is more, sometimes less. SOunds like a lot all written down.

    But in my 2 kids (my own personal case study that has been running for 5 years;), I haven't seen any major problems to date! I think as long I am spending time engaging with them, encouraging other skills, and there are boundaries around TV watching, they will be OK...

    I hope!


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