Saturday, November 7, 2009

alrighty... here I go!

To be frank with you all I was a little surprised that those of you who commented on my last post thought that a dog made from doggy material wasn't too much. My instinct is that it might be... but hey - what would I know? So trusting your better judgement here it goes... Tonight I have cut out the pieces with the assistance of my little helper... ... and tomorrow the assembly process will begin.


  1. I think it will be just fine!!! Perfect even!!

  2. These sorts of patterns have always scared me because of the gussets so I think you are brave having a go. Maybe you could try a wool look for your next one and see which you prefer? Cherrie

  3. You just reminded me. I have a pointy kitty pattern cut out (in fabric with cats on it, so a dog in dog fabric should be fine) and stashed away somewhere....


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