Sunday, November 22, 2009

eye spy ... joy

There are many things that instill joy within me. Even today I was fortunate enough to experience joy multiple times: seeing my little girl waddling around the back garden and the expressions of dismay and delight on her face as I teased her with the garden hose; witnessing my son's glee when he heard his favourite song come on and then observing him dancing away as if he'd won a million dollars; my partner's confession that he had a secret 'emergency' packet of milk arrowroot biscuits in our wardrobe after I'd had a 'down' moment; sitting back with aching muscles admiring my achievements in the garden... and I'm blessed to say that there were many more.

But what makes me jump up and down running around the house doing a victory dance making sounds of the crowd going wild? What makes me smile so hard that the muscles in my face start to ache?

Learning curve - image from here

Reaching the top of the learning curve. Conquering something that I didn't formerly know how to do. Figuring it out - whatever "it" may be. That brings me joy.

Thanks so much to the delightful Aussie Waffler Tara for this weeks theme. To check out what brings other people joy head on over to Cindy's.


  1. I agree Sally. Learning is good for the soul.

  2. isn't it just a wonderful thing to watch a child's expression from the simple things. It can't be beaten!

  3. You are right! Little bursts of joy everyday!

  4. Joy and satisfaction all rolled into one. Nailing a learning curve surely is a a joful feeling :)

  5. Absolutely! Nothing better than conquering the unknown. What a great post!


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