Wednesday, November 18, 2009

giveaway win - nightie

I recently had my first giveaway win! Yay for me! I won this wonderful nightie made by the incredibly talented Cathy (narrawallee) at the Craft Mama's Group Blog.

I have developed this awful habit of turning things inside out to check out how they've been constructed and finished and I just have to share with you that this garment is first class. I have learnt so much about sewing just from looking at it!!!

It is a tad too big for Ms. M just now but I am guessing it won't be long until she'll be wearing it - especially at the rapid rate that she is growing :)

Thanks so much Cathy for making such a special nightie.


  1. That is lovely! (and educational too it seems!)

    Hope Ms M fits into it soon.

  2. Lucky you - the nightie looks very nice! I turn things inside out to see how they are constructed too. Often while they are still hanging on the racks in the store. Is that naughty? I call it curiosity...


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