Monday, November 23, 2009

relentless pursuit

I broke the iron last night. I was moving the ironing board with the iron balancing and it went crashing to the floor. It wasn't on and no one was hurt but the Tefal iron that I had had for fifteen years was no longer.

So today out we went in search of a new iron. Clearly we don't get out much because it was an exciting trip for us all. I found an iron that will do - I really don't iron that much which probably explains why the last one had lasted as long as it had.

I usually discuss marketing techniques with my son before we venture to shops - explaining to him that the people who own the shops deliberately put things at his eye level to try to make him want it. I try to make it a bit of a game - he wins if he can out smart them and not want it. Sometimes it works and we have lots of fun. Sometimes he is a two year old and he just damn well wants it. It had not occurred to me that today I would need run through my pep talk for a quick trip into the Myer kitchenware department. But it would seem that I am incredibly naive...

Look - just at perfect child eye level a bright and colourful display of Dora and Spongepants toasted sandwich makers. The display is right next to the cashier point too... a place where children will be loitering as they wait for their unsuspecting parents to close a transaction.

At first I thought they must have been some great safety toaster so that children can toast their own sandwiches but no - they're just colourful and leave an impression of the character in the toasted bread.

Just more evidence of how insane consumerism has become in our culture and how relentless marketers are pursuing our children.


  1. That is just wrong. So bloody annoying. what a load of crap! I completey avoid buying Busy anything with what i consider advertising/ merchandising on it. It took me so long to find a raincoat for her that wasn't advertising anything!!! I cannot stand how they are indoctrinating them into this " must consume' ethos.... makes me so cranky.

  2. It's insane!! I know how you feel and it makes me so cross - I am so sick of stuff being aimes at our kids, they don't even know what it is, they just want it.

  3. Sigh and sad shake of head. Ridiculous. Rude. Annoying. Wrong, wrong, wrong. What is going on with our society that someone comes up with the 'brilliant' idea of marketing a toasted sandwich maker with dora the explorer. I wonder if they are a big seller!
    I hate liscensed products and the struggle to buy say, using cc's eg a raincoat that is just plain, lovely material.

  4. Yep, it's *sigh* territory. So good to read that others agree with my take on this :) Thanks for sharing this. I'm currently watching my sister go through this with her sons and keeping my mouth shut every time they get the new toy whenever they go out. I was so tough on my girls and she got to spoil them as the aunty... I was looking forward to a bit of reciprocation! But I think she knows there's no way I'd buy this crap. ;) I think you're right - you just have to keep explaining to your kids how merchandising works + raise aware kids. K

  5. YUK YUK YUK YUK YUK YUK - I am constantly revolted and gobsmacked by the relentless techniques and levels that the 'marketing guru's' will go to to make our children become their marketing/advertising space.....
    I do love your idea of the pep talk and the game thought, thank you kindly I will be 'playing this game' with my kids now too. Peta

  6. Wow ! You can tell I don't get out much , I've never seen anything like that ! I thought the lollies at the counters were bad enough !

  7. What a great game, I will be playing that with “Little Guy” for sure. Hopefully (perhaps it’s not hope, just naivety??) I have a little while up my sleeve before we start. He’s not quite two yet, surely he gets a little bit more innocence before the constant fight against the marketing machine begins.


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