Tuesday, November 3, 2009

sewing 101 - lay it out length ways

Often a pattern will suggest that you arrange your fabric with the selvages perpendicular to the fold ready to lay out your pattern pieces ready for cutting. (see diagram below)

A tip for laying out pattern pieces is when ever it is possible, that is taking into consideration the type and amount of fabric, fold the fabric in half lengthwise. This will result in mirror image pieces for the left and right sides of the garment. (see diagram below)

There are also advantages to folding wrong sides together so that the pattern on the fabric can be easily seen. This will often be against the advice of the pattern - but as long as you're not using permanent markings there should be no problems.

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  1. I am the biggest stinger when it comes to fabric, and I always end up doing that too. I get so annoyed when they tell you twice as much fabric as you really need.


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