Wednesday, November 25, 2009

summer veggie garden (stage 2)

I posted yesterday about stage 1 of my summer veggie garden and hinted that I might give you a glimpse of the progress being made in the area I affectionately refer to as stage 2.

In the before shot there are a few frangipani and a lot of couch grass. Months ago, in the middle of winter, I dug out all the couch and the frangipani. Then periodically after we'd had rain I'd go out and rip up more of the couch roots that were sprouting. Once I was satisfied with my efforts to remove it my partner and I covered the area with cardboard (second hand moving boxes that we used when we moved house).

Watered the cardboard.

Covered the cardboard with blood and bone.

Covered with sheep manure and straw.

Then we did the same again one more time.

Today I started on the planting. First in the rosemary hedge. The idea being that it will form a parameter around the path side of the garden bed which (fingers crossed) will deter my children from riding their bikes over the veggies! I also planted some snap peas and snow peas along the fence line.
To plant I just pierce a hole through the cardboard fill with compost and make sure that the roots are heading down through the cardboard.

On tomorrow's agenda: plant the capsicum, the marigolds and the pumpkin and zucchini seeds. I'm also hoping to get to the nursery to buy a lemon tree.


  1. Looking great. The rosemary is a terrific idea and will smell wonderful too. Apparently it is good for people with low blood pressure. Cherrie

  2. Yay it's looking fantastic. Can't wait to see it thriving.

  3. Fantastic, look at that fabulous space for you to fill with all your vegies.

  4. Fantastic Sal, I love it..we are harvesting zucs tomorrow - be prepared for a huge harvest! They grow like wild fire!!!

  5. how do you keep the possums/neighbourhood pesties out of your veggie patch? My is failing


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