Tuesday, November 24, 2009

summer veggie garden (stage one)

Last week I was telling you how I'd been working like a trooper out in the garden. Harvesting the spinach in the raised vegetable garden in preparation for topping it up. The garden is a no-dig vegetable garden so over the past couple of months organic matter, sheep manure, straw and compost, has been breaking down and the level of the garden has been dropping.

There was a small problem... my tiny carrots still weren't ready for harvest. I suspect this had something to do with me planting them too close together and not thinning them out. That won't be a problem anymore as E. and I have been picking them when we're out in the sunshine and eating baby, like really really baby, carrots. They're surprisingly sweet!

In the meantime, while we wait for the remaining carrots to get on with the growing business I've built a make-shift retaining wall so that I could raise the remainder of the garden bed. In went another layer of sheep manure and in went another layer of straw and it was topped off with a rich layer of compost. (Sounds like I'm baking a cake!)

Similar to a blank canvas, there is something very exciting about a fresh garden bed. The dreams and hopes of what will grow there. Fantasising about the feasts that will be created using your very own freshly grown produce. (Let's not think about cabbage moths and other pests right now).
What veggie goodness has been planted? Radish, cauliflower, rhubarb, broccoli, beetroot, leeks, lettuce, spinach, silver beet and onion chives. I've tried to mix it all up a bit - this time thinking about how long things will take to mature. I'm also hoping that the odorous onion chives will act as a bit of a pest repellent. There is also the oregano I re-planted hoping that it will eventually spill over the retaining wall softening the outlook from the backdoor.

The powers that be have been smiling on my gardening efforts because the day after I had everything planted there was loads and loads of rain - and over the course of a few days too. Perfect! (Let's not think about the snails just now).

And here is the garden bed as it stands today with another layer of straw for mulch (the oregano surrounded by peat to try to boost it a bit after being replanted).

I've been working on other parts of the garden too... maybe I'll show you stage two tomorrow.


  1. How high is your vegie garden? I have made myself a no-dig vegie garden too. Mine is about 20cm high. You can get carrot seeds in strips, I have heard the trick with carrots is to not plant them in the same place twice. I have been meaning to plant some in an old recycling tub, my garden isn't really quite deep enough for carrots. I really should blog my garden...

  2. Your garden looks great Sally, what have you used for the retaining wall? Was it hard to build? We have been talking about a vegie garden for about 3 years *blush* but we are determined to level the backyard and start again, so planting a garden seems a waste of time if it's only going to be dug out again. However, we could have had a vegie garden for the last 3 years...

  3. Looks fantastic Sally! can't wait to see what else you've been up to.


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