Saturday, December 26, 2009

a box filled with beauty

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway offered by Tammy @ Girls Wear Blue Too (don't you just love that blog title?). The parcel arrived in the days leading up to Christmas. My partner and I agreed to giving each other only one gift (of no greater than $20 value) for Christmas . The decision, essentially a budgeting one, meant that I would only have one pressie to open on festive Friday. So when this marvelous package arrived a few days before Christmas I put it aside and waited for Chrissy to open it. I am so glad that I did too... it is filled with goodies and has been a pure delight to sort through.


  1. Lucky you! Plus amazing self control to not open it until Christmas...

  2. Congrats! That looked like such a great prize to win. Enjoy.

  3. Sally I hope to see some of what you might create with it all. I'm glad you had an extra little pressie to open on the day.


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