Sunday, December 20, 2009

especially for ms. M

For Ms. M's first birthday I made her this dolly...
She is a little wonky eyed and sports a wry smile. Only half her hair is on, but with the festive season cheer, time is short so bit by bit her hair continues to be applied.

I'm so stoked that I made this for her. I thought about the year past as I sewed and my hopes for our future. Ms. M adores her... so she won't look like this for much longer. I wonder will the doll survive twenty years? What will she look like? What memories will she be part of?
I'm in no rush to find out!

Fortunately a parcel of notions arrived in the post just before Ms. M's birthday which I immediately employed to jazz up dolly's dress. I won all these gorgeous pieces along with some delightful buttons and a sweet notebook in a giveaway offered by Cherie at I'm Over It. Beautiful!


  1. yay for you she is gorgeous- and so good that she likes it so your hard work has been rewarded!

  2. Awww she is so sweet. Ms M is going to love her to pieces!

  3. What a little cutie - doll making is such an awesome skill.

  4. oh man! I need to enter more giveaways, just don't find the time to get out there and find them. Dolly is really adorable. I would have loved her to bits if she was mine.

  5. You are SUCH a cool Mum. Not just any doll - no, a doll with LOVE stitched inside!


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