Saturday, December 26, 2009

festive food

Bagels with creamed cheese for my breakie - a favourite.

I made omlette for the rest of the crew.

Even though I am not a big fan of omlettes I make the best ones ever... as a festive treat I'll share my secret technique. Seperate the egg whites and whisk to soft peaks before adding the yolks and cream.

Cherries are a must have every Christmas. We snacked on them all day.

For lunch we ate apple, onion and gruyere tart with roast pumpkin, rocket and goat's cheese salad.

Homemade pesto, using basil from our garden, was for dinner...

... served with Syrian salad.

So where was the baked beetroot salad we had planned?

Well it turned out that what my partner had thought were beetroot growing in the garden were actually radish - which provided me with many many giggles on Chrissy day. It is not often that he has those kind of 'vague' moments so I relish them when they do occur. Hence the last minute menu change to syrian salad - which was delicious.

... since the mister can't tell the difference between a beetroot and a radish I think I'll be undertaking all future harvests!

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  1. Thanks for the omelette tip. I don't use cream in my omelettes (I didn't know you were supposed to but I'm not about to start either, less fat my way) but I did the egg separating thing like you said when I made omelettes for breakfast this morning, and WOW! so FLUFFY! I got approval all 'round!


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