Tuesday, December 22, 2009

mary mary quite contrary...

... how does your garden grow?

Really well at one end... but not so good at the other. I can't work it out. I've been observing the veggie patch one end doesn't get more light than the other. The amount of water is consistent across the veggie patch too... so why are all the veggies at one end thriving and the other... well, lets be frank, not so good at all.

We'll be having roast beetroot salad for lunch on Friday.

What will you be eating for Christmas lunch?


  1. ooh yummo, freshly roasted beetroot sounds delicious, i might have to add that to my menu too!
    we're having a hot meal for christmas this year and i am a bit excited about crumbed bocconcini and grilled tomato warm salad as well as steamed green bean, broccolini and asparagus with tomato and almond salsa


    (no ideas on the garden front sorry, my gardening talent is well below yours)

  2. Well maybe there is a hip happenin' side of your garden and a daggy side? I plan to eat chocolate, shortbread and fruit mince pies for lunch on Friday. Enjoy!


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