Tuesday, December 22, 2009

swap loot

I recently participated in my first swap - vintage sheets. I only had one sheet on hand so I headed out op shopping to get some more and then sent them on their way.

Selina @ What were we thinking? hosted the swap - and did a marvelous job... look at my great loot! So excited about the prospect of using such vintage goodness in my sewing - not exactly sure of what to make yet though... so many ideas!!!

Thanks Selina!


  1. Ohhh that looks really good- great score- I see pretty little skirts...

  2. They look great! More little pants or a dress?

  3. Happy sewing with your loot, I look forward to seeing the results. Thank-you for your lovely comment and have a wonderful Christmas :) x

  4. ooh, you got some of mine (2nd from left), and I got that yellowy flower one, 6th from the left, it's my fav.


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