Thursday, December 31, 2009

the wrap up

As a newbie to blogging – both as a writer and reader – 2009 has been a rich and fruitful year for me. I have been inspired and encouraged, discovering myself on a wonderful journey.

I love to learn and this year has provided me with many opportunities – sewing, embroidery, crochet, screen printing, gardening, parenting, partnering – and through these learning experiences I learnt more about myself.

I have read so many inspirational and thought provoking posts, here are five of my favourites:

Woman of Cloth written by Gina @ Clutterpunk  - even though a short post it was the catalyst for a huge discussion and had me googling ‘diva cup’ amongst other things. It hasn’t inspired change in my behaviours yet but I think of this post monthly.

Blogutations and Blies by Kate @ Foxs Lane was another thought provoking post. Whilst something that I already understood it was great to have someone put it out there and provide some meta-language for the practices. The post was influential in that it put to the fore of my thinking what I choose to include and exclude from my posts and more importantly question why?

Soapbox by Tania @ Myrtle and Eunice was one of many posts that I read this year regarding the sexualisation of girls. A topic of great interest to me I have enjoyed reading the many different views relating to this issue.

Thursday I don’t care about you is a must read post detailing environmental issues surrounding the textile industry and inspiring change of habits and behaviours at even the smallest level – that is you and me.

I read a handful of really brave posts this year. Brave in that the writer spoke an honesty that can only come from the heart and as such bears themself vulnerable to the world. Feeling a bit on the blah side by Sophie @ her heart my hands was one such post, and whilst I am fortunate enough to have two healthy children, expressed feelings that I could easily relate to.

There are so many blogs that I have enjoyed reading throughout 2009… please keep the great stuff coming in 2010!


  1. all the very best for the new year Sally, may it bring you much luck & happiness.
    hugs ♥

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family Sally!
    Thanks for this great post. As another relatively new blogger, I love it when I get pointed in the direction of the highlights. Its great that my post (although Bren is taking the credit) made the list.
    I am looking forard to pressing publish so I can click on all your links.
    Ps All the square washers I make have an obvious pattern so you don't have to count.

  3. Thank you for the recognition - that post was hard to write, some of my readers are my family and friends and suddenly everyone was so worried about me as I am pretty good at hiding the truth!


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