Friday, January 1, 2010


So here we find ourselves at the beginning of a new year and a new decade to boot. Exciting times. Fresh hopes. Clean slates. Revised goals.

With the new year I have renamed my blog, Virtually Sally… almost me is no more. I have decided that I am as me as I’ll ever be. I was lost there for a bit, stumbling and fumbling around in the dark, dizzy and not really knowing where I was heading. Thankfully somewhere in the past six months I found the light switch. I still don’t exactly know where I’m heading but with the lights on I can see the options and at least enjoy the view as I progress on my journey.

P8297807-3 Where to then for 2010?

Here are the creative goals that I have set for myself to achieve at some time over the next twelve months:

Crochet: make a basket, a blanket, a square dishcloth and a jug cover

Embroidery: become more proficient with stem stitch, shadow stitch and french knots

Gardening: start a native garden at the front of our house

Printing: keep having fun exploring, playing and discovering

Photography: do online photography course, be less shy taking photos and take a ‘tourist’ adventure to a K2 once a month.

Sewing: make at least one thing for myself (to wear!)

As for personal goals I want to take better care of myself. I too easily feel guilty when I spend time caring for myself which is the start of a vicious cycle. I don’t enjoy doing things to care for myself because I feel so darn guilty about it (because I feel like I am being selfish) and so I stop doing them which results in me getting run down and tired which eventually renders me less able to care for my precious family – which is what I want to do best of all.

Thanks so much for being there with me in 2009 – your comments, insightful, funny, encouraging have meant so much to me.

Now its time get back on the road and start sharing tales from my travels, the highs and the lows, with you in 2010… together to the achievement of great things.


  1. Sometimes you just need to accept that you aren't perfect, and that perfection doesn't even exist. I think once I got that about myself I felt a weight lift. I am so happy that you have found where you want to be, i am sure your journey will be great.

  2. Yippee!!!!! Welcome BACK from the dark side !!!! Oh.......I LOVE the new name! xx

  3. I love your new name!
    I love your creative goals for the year. I should pinch them. I need to make a bag, dishcloth & rug too!
    I hope you find where you are headed soon. But in the meantime enjoy the ride on your way!!!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Having just started my first jug cover, I feel the need to warn you that after only eight rounds in, they are already SERIOUSLY ADDICTIVE. Perhaps keep that one for last, or you might not get anything else done.

    In the meantime, being kind to yourself is one heck of a worthwhile resolution. I'm with you on the thinking - only good things come from that sort of 'selfish'. Happy new year Sally.

  5. Looks like you've got some great goals for the coming year. Good luck with them. Especially with the looking after yourself bit. We do tend to forget about ourselves in the madness of kids, family, work, events etc. But it pays to remember that you need to look after yourself to function at your best. (do I sound like I have it all under control? I definately don't, but I know the theory off by heart!!)
    Looking forward to seeing your native garden and sewing goals come to fruition! Happy New Year.

  6. Love the new name and I can totally totally understand your feelings of guilt as I am the same. Thats how I ended up needing to start looking after myself!

    Sounds like you have a wonderful 2010 planned and Im looking forward to reading along!

  7. Sally, I love the name change and reasoning ... beautiful progress! You sound like you have a good plan there for what's ahead too.

  8. yey for you Sally. Have a wonderful 2010, thanks for sharing yourself- you've just inspired me

  9. Sally - these creative goals sound very similar to my own, I'll be looking to you for inspiration and motivation, so, no pressure! kidding - best of luck with your creative pursuits, I too hope 2010 will be a fresh start and a productive year for making stuff.
    Thanks for you kind comment on my blog too. I look forward to sharing this year with lovely inspiration ladies such as yourself.

  10. What a wonderful way to start a fresh new year. Love the new name and all of the resolutions. Looking forward to watching the journey. I LOVE the K2 concept. Might have to adopt a variation of that here. We live in an amazing part of the world but barely ever remember to explore beyond our boundaries. I'm off to look for some dishcloth patterns for you. XX

  11. Mummy guilt, I have the same problem. I never do anything for myself and then end up getting grouchy with everyone because I feel so run down which is the opposite of what I am trying to achieve. I am hoping to give myself less of a hard time this year too

  12. Great to read this through Sal. Love the goals. I'm still trying to pare my creative goals down enough to make sure they're slightly realistic prior to posting them!
    I like the 'new you', actually Sally!
    Good idea to prioritise taking care of yourself. Having said that, it's still a pretty nebulous kind of concept. What practical things work for you in taking care of yourself? Do you know (but just not make time for them) or is this what you're trying to figure out? Curious as always - plus I don't really know what I would count as essential for taking care of myself.


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