Thursday, January 14, 2010

a granny a day keeps the nut house at bay

The other night, whilst sitting under the stars in our back garden, I was enlightening my partner to all the benefits of crochet – portable, useful, ‘relatively’ inexpensive, and most of all, meditative and calming. Making time in my day for crochet is an important part of taking care of myself. Whether or not I deem the output a success is not important – it is the repetitive and rhythmical process that is the key to relaxation and happiness. For me crochet is like a circuit breaker.

The following day my Mr. returned home from work his backpack laden with this weighty goodness from the library:

crochet library booksMy man is one very supportive guy, and if you knew him you’d know that he loves libraries and borrows books all the time so six books on his borrowing card is a really romantic gift.

So today when I saw that Ms. Pip had set down the A Granny A Day 2010 Craft Challenge I just had to sign up straight away.


One of the personal crafty resolutions I’d set myself this year was to crochet a blanket so this challenge should see me achieve that goal… but more importantly a granny a day should keep the nut house at bay.


  1. ooooo I just joined up as well, I've wanted to make a granny square blanket for a couple of years now, so this will be the year that I WILL do it :) Thanks for sharing the link, can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. I think I might leave you to the granny as much as I would like too crochet and I are a little estranged. I love those funny love messages, Glen is a clean freak and I know the fact that he lets my sewing mess slide means he loves me alot judging on the size of my mess

  3. awww that is so incredibly wonderful of him. the little romantic gestures like that are definitely the best i reckon. i think i might come and join you on the granny a day challenge!

  4. a) your man is a total snag.
    b) grannying sounds very good for the soul. Thus far I have only found anything involving yarn and needles/hooks to be eye-gougingly frustrating, so I think hand-piecing hexagons might have to be my equivalent.
    c) Um, I like to list things in threes.

  5. Oh really want to do the grannying, I tried pips instructions last year, disaster!
    You are one of my nominees for a blog award, if you get a chance pop over! x

  6. oh. my. goodness. what a star in the sky!

  7. how cute is he huh? Hang on to him tight before one of your followers finds him won't you! lol


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