Friday, January 15, 2010

long long ago…

Megan of somewhere along a winding path invited me to post a favourite picture of myself.

Sal @ Dave's Cafe0001

This photo was taken decades ago, last century, in the last millennium even! Taken in an age before digital cameras so I have had to scan it.

It is a favoured photo for a number of reasons. Firstly because I am wearing my all time favourite denim overalls – I lived in them for years and years – and my funky red wool felt hat that at the time of the picture was new, I’d bought it he week before in Dharamsala while I was attending seminars delivered by the Dalai Lama at his home monastery. I still wear that hat in the winter, I never fail to feel good in it and I made Ms. M one this winter past which she has no doubt grown out of by now. Go on – take a sneak peak – I just did and noticed that in the photo I posted of her way back then we’re wearing almost identical outfits – oooopps! That’s a little creepy – in my defence we’re wearing the outfits in different millenniums.

I also love the photo because it was taken in Manali, the town where I hooked up with my partner. He took this picture. We would sit in the same cafe for hours on end drinking chai and tea and coffee and lasi and eating sour dough toast and other delights. We talked and talked and talked – about cool things: art, music, politics, philosophy, travel. They were days filled with URST (un-resolved sexual tension) – don’t worry within days (possibly even hours) of this photo being taken it was resolved.

So I like this photo too because it is the last of me as a single person. I did not know that the man behind the lens would be in my life for years and years and that I would have two children with him. I did not know that he was to be the love of my life, my lover, my best-friend and co-parent.

Do you have a favoured photo of yourself? Go on… share!


  1. Gorgeous, you're looking so very relaxed, ecstatic and happy ... thanks for the peek into your life Sal ;)

  2. That's a really lovely photo, especially that it means so much as well, very cool :)

  3. What a fantastic photo!!! LOVE IT!!

  4. You have done all the cool thins I have always wanted to do, like go to TIBET and attend seminars by the DL himself!

  5. This is a beautiful photo Sally. You look so happy.

  6. love it Sally! very happy photo indeed.

  7. I love that phot Sally! Thanks so much for sharing its story!


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