Sunday, January 31, 2010

the mathematics of a granny square

At the end of the month I have thirty one granny squares – and those are just the ones I can locate. The house seems to be scattered with them so I’m expecting that the haul will grow tomorrow morning after the post-weekend clean-up.

january granny squares

I’ve started sewing in the ends and plan to start joining up the squares this coming week. Yay!  my scarf should be ready for the footy pre-season.

February marks the start of new granny squares for a new project. I’m  planning to make a blanket. As preparation for my next project I hooked a quick square.

test square Then I unravelled it and calculated that to make one square 10cm x 10cm I used just over 17 metres of yarn.

I have this luscious basket of yarn…

yummy yarn

Wool from the Bendigo Wool Mill. Each ball has about 400 metres of wool. That means that each ball should yield about 23 granny squares.

granny blanket

I like simple things. So the plan first up is to make a lap blanket that is 10 squares by 10 squares. I’m going to make the squares larger than 10cm by 10cm – probably try for 15cm x 15cm.  The design is to use ten colours in 10 straight rows of colour. I should end up with a blanket about 150cm x 150cm.  It will be plain and simple. The primary reason that I am drawn to this idea is because I read:

“… granny squares are as old as crochet itself, and the premise behind them – making something useful and beautiful out of scraps of this and that – is as old as womankind”*

I’m new to crochet and I don’t knit. I don’t have any scraps! So I want to make a non-traditional granny square rug with ‘new’ balls of wool so that I’ll have some scraps to start making the more traditional colourful numbers. Is that twisted thinking? Probably. It is how my brain works.

* Cottrell, S. & Weloth, C. The New Granny Square, New York. 2006.


  1. Um, Sally you seem to have forgotten the royal blue grannies you will need to make up a decent scarf!!

  2. That's some serious planning! And it's always good to plan projects to increase your scrap stash!

  3. Love the look of your granny square rug already! Can't wait to see more. I think 150 x 150 would be a great size

  4. can't wait to see yours done. Funny to say I started to join some yeserday too. But I havr to try a diff method as much as i love it. It doesn't suit a blanket. Good luck.


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