Thursday, January 28, 2010

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ps play

Armed with a stack of library books I am determined to learn how to use Photoshop. Figuring out how to use layers and the meaning of the terminology feels at times like a mammoth task. There is just so much to learn! Made a small breakthrough this week when I finally figured out how to ‘select’ sections of an image – now some fun play can really begin.

I love photography. At the outset of this year I made it a goal to improve my photographic skills. Sure enough, shortly after setting that goal my digital SLR slowly started to die. It’s shutter mechanism is gasping for breath and barely functioning – just as my interest in photography is starting to grow again. The quote for repair is quite expensive so now I need to make the decision if perhaps it would be better to just buy a new camera armed with the latest technologies that my budget will afford. This leads to another question– should I stick with Olympus (I’d only need a new body) or sell the lenses that I have and change brand, perhaps to Canon. What do you think?

My new blog is part of my creative pursuit to practice practice practice photography. I’m hoping that practice will make perfect me a better photographer. To date it has been a very eclectic collection of photos. The aim is to shoot and post a photograph every day. The only rule that I have set myself is that the photo should be from the day it is posted. It has been a good rule as it pushes me to look for photographic opportunities daily. There have been a few uninspired days, but I guess that is all part of the learning process.

Great to have my creative space back for 2010! To see more creative spaces head on over to Kirsty’s.


  1. That image is a bit creepy - it's like a statue E.

  2. When I first needed to get back into my creativity, I started participating in the online community and blogging for the same reason: to keep motivated. It works wonders!

  3. Love it, I really need to get back into photography. I did it for years, but it fell away once the little person arrived.

    Photoshop is fantastic :) and there are some really great tutorials on You Tube for it.

  4. Love you photoshop work. I think that the challenge to not jst post but take one every day is a great idea. Good luck finding a new camera, we are both on the hunt

  5. Good for you - Photoshop is still a bit hit and miss for me! Love your new blog! Nic xx

  6. Great new blog! I have read the manual to my camera on my to do list, so photoshop is a distant dream. Good luck with it. My MIL has asked me not to show my girl's faces on my blogs, she'd have a fit if I put a bum!

  7. That photo is so cute.

    I've been dreaming of getting a digital slr - I'd love to get into photography more.

  8. I would stick with the Olympus. Only having to get a body is much cheaper, and you wouldn't get back what you paid for your lenses anyway. Good luck with the decision! Oh, and cute photo too!

  9. I looooove my Canon, but not having to outlay for lenses would probably mean you had more to spend on the body and therefore get a better camera. What a big decision.

  10. Like Microsoft Word 9 out of 10 people rarely use or find a use for all the features and this I think is true of photoshop. I have Photoshop Elements 8 and have read about what it can do but I have only used a small part of it. I only use it if its to fix a problem I have with a photograph, I don't go out of my way to change things because I can (well not at present lol).

    As for the camera, you have made an investment in Olympus. You will not get back the money you spent on the lens. So unless your budget can get a body and a smaller number of lens covering the focal ranges you currently have stay with Olympus.

    I have a Sony 230 which is their budget camera, its not all signing and dancing but its simple to use and so far it has not let me down. If it goes wrong I will stick with Sony as I have made my investment in Sony mount point lens.

    Now I have two of your blogs to follow, lol.


  11. Photoshop is on my "to do" but I just never get to it.

    It looks as if you're doing very well.


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