Sunday, January 24, 2010

party time

Today was E’s party. He shared the event with his close friend Ms. A who was born just three and a half hours earlier. I heard Ms. A’s first cries as she entered the world as I laboured in a room nearby.

birthday people

It is my wish to make E a special birthday cake every year. It is one my ways of showing him how much I love and appreciate him. I don’t think he especially understands that at present but it is my hope that when he looks back on his childhood he will remember the successful and unsuccessful cakes that I have made him fondly.

The ambition for this year was a three dimensional train cake:


The finished result wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but life with two small people tends to throw a few curve balls so I was left decorating the cake in the last moments. Note to self: yes it is a good idea to decorate the cake the night before even if you do think there will be plenty of time the next day!!!

train reality 

The party was held at a beautiful spot by the river. It was a perfect afternoon – not too hot with a nice airy breeze to keep us all fresh.

birthday boybirthday boy waiting to eat cake

There was a craft table which was a great success. Lots of messy creations being made with the ever popular glitter glue. There was face painting too… although E. was more partial to body painting which he adjusted himself.

body paint

There was also swimming in the river – a great way to freshen up and relax after lots of party fun.

swimming in the river

Just lovely.   


  1. Happy birthday to your little one :) Great cake too - it's the first rule of novelty cake decorating to ALWAYS decorate the day before! I used to do it the night before, but after a few 3am finished now I start even earlier!

  2. Looks wonderful! We are going to the river tomorrow for a picnic!

  3. Happy birthday again Eni :) I hope you enjoyed your party. We have one of your birthday cards that had fallen out of your bag, must remind me to give it to you. Thank you so much for Ava's present! It looks absolutely gorgeous and Ava loves it too, although it is in the wash as a can of pepsi tipped off the table and straight into the bag of presents :O


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