Monday, January 25, 2010

super 3

More dress-ups as part of the season of 3. This time capes and super-hero headbands.
I drafted the cape pattern from Enid Gilchrist’s Fancy Dress publication.
'Fancy Dress' by Enid Gilchrist
Capes pg 8The measurements for the cape pattern are to suit a 6-10 year old so I reduced the specifications by 20% so that it would be more suitable for rapidly growing three year olds. There is probably an easier way but I converted all the inches measurements into centimetres (because I don’t have an imperial ruler) and then just multiplied by 0.8 to reduce the size.
To accompany the capes I also made superhero headbands courtesy of Curly Pop’s brilliant tutorial.
super hero cape for my birthday boyThis one above is for my special mr 3. It was the first time I sewed with sateen and initially I was apprehensive about it slipping and sliding everywhere but for a pattern as simple as this there was nothing to it really.
P1246170And I made two of these for the January birthday girls.
I have really enjoyed sewing dress-ups for gifts. Although I was a little disheartened when E. wrapped a bright pink curtain (left at our home by the former owners) and then proceeded to be a tiger – with a vivid imagination such as his fancy dress-up costumes really aren’t a requirement.


  1. Oh they look fabbo! I have that Enid too!

  2. Oh...they are so much better than mine!!! PERFECT!

  3. They look fabulous! What a great effect you get with the sateen. I'm going to search the remnant bins next time I'm at the shops to try to find some sparkly gems.

  4. Massively impressed over here Sally! They look wonderful!

  5. They look great Sally. Kids can use their imagination without dress ups but they are fun... for them and for us watching.


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