Friday, January 29, 2010

zucchini again

round zucchini

We’ve reaped our first harvest of round zucchini. There are loads more in the garden still on the vines. Aren’t they adorable? So round. So green. So cute. Mmmm… maybe I’ve been spending too much time with them out in the sun.

This afternoon they were hollowed – their innards used for zucchini muffins (YUM!) and then tonight their remains were stuffed and tossed into our largest pot.

stuffed zucchini

And here is a holiday snap from our adventure into the garden. You should have seen the zucchini that got away!

a man and his zucchini


  1. We've got a similar thing happening here with golden squash.

  2. That stuffed zucchini looks delicious! Any chance of the recipe?

  3. Ohhhh WOW I'm a green as your zucc's with envy! They're beautiful ;)

  4. I think our zucchini plants are on acid - they make so much!!! Arent they so versatile too :)


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