Sunday, February 7, 2010

blanket beginnings

the beginnings of a blanketThese orange squares are the beginnings of my blanket.  Each row will have ten squares so I am pretty happy with my progress. The squares are seven rounds and 14 cm. The wool from Bendigo Wool Mill is delightful to work with, a real joy.

they're square

…and the “squares” for my scarf all now square and ready to be joined. It was rather good re-doing the “squares” while I'm was ill as the process inspired many random out loud chuckling moments. Those moments are so precious - the ones when you can really laugh audibly at yourself and there is no hurt. Craft is good like that.


  1. Love the orange, all those colours are going to look amazing together!

  2. Craft IS good like that ;-)

    Loving the red and white!

  3. I am loving the bendigo cottons too. Since learning to crochet I have discovered I have a wool allergy. This blanket of yours will be lovely-and fun to make too. I find changing colours in granny squares a bit fiddly, and I just can't seem to do it neatly yet.

  4. I sooo wish I could crochet! Its on my list of things to do LOL. I love the BWM wool - so nice!

  5. well done you, all scarf squares fixed as well as 6 blanket squares done. how do you find the time!?

    i'm feeling so unproductive craftwise lately, too snowed under with school work

  6. Your squares are looking great! Can't wait to see them finished up.


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