Sunday, February 21, 2010

from d’oh to da-da

granny square footy scarf

I am so chuffed to tell you that the granny square footy scarf that I’d been hooking was finished ready for the weekend. My team, the mighty Sydney Swans, first match was on Saturday. Victory for the team against Carlton and victory for me completing what to date appears to be a good-luck scarf.

Now I don’t want you to get the wrong impression of me and think that I actually sat down to watch the match. My attraction to the game is more the social banter than actually knowing much, if anything,  about the sport itself. I will watch the occasional game, at the ground or on the tele, but rarely does it have my full and undivided attention. I like the side show better. One of my favourite television shows is Footy Classified on a Monday night, which even I am at a loss to explain considering my otherwise blasé attitude to what I once referred to as boofhead ballet.

Do you follow the footy or have a team dear to your heart?


  1. fantastic job getting it all finished in time for the first match! and it looks great too, makes me want to put a hold on the blanket and make my own scarf even more now.

    and i do have to admit, i did have the image of you at every game, a loyal supporter, madly waving your scarf in the air at every goal.. glad you cleared that up for myself and any others who had wrongly construed you in our minds!

    as for me and footy, i'm also not much of a fan, although i must admit to enjoying watching the footy show on thursday nights ocassionally (and a secret love of sam newman's humour too if i'm completely honest)

  2. I don't take an interest in sport at all so I can contribute nothing to this discussion other than to say nice work on the granny square scarf!!

  3. What a fantastic scarf! But while my team is also the swans, it was news to me a) that they played Carlton on the weekend, and b) that they won. I was pleased to hear it though!! It's great work on the scarf - it's so nice when something turns out just the way you'd hoped, especially when there's been a few bumps along the way!!

  4. so...the swans you say...looks like this footy season could be very interesting!

    Love the scarf (not the colours :D)

  5. Glen is a kiwi so it is all about the rugby union here. We all have our own Kiwi team and their season has just begun so Glen is one very happy man! The scarf looks great

  6. great job on the scarf! Wow.
    But boo the swans! lol
    We're the Happy team at Hawthorn, we're the mighty fighting hawks! lol

  7. Oh Sal, I've been a bit out of the blog loop at the moment - (life is getting in the way of blogging), so I hadn't seen this.
    I must say that (despite the colours) it looks great, well done to you.
    Check my blog today for my allegiance - which know you already know!


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