Wednesday, February 24, 2010

map 5: K2

map 5

map 5: K2

Dear  ….,

It is with great pleasure that I write to tell you that my family and I had the most wonderful adventure to  Mill Point, the southern side of “The Narrows” Bridge. Named because it crosses the narrowest part of the mighty Swan River, at its opening in 1959 it was the largest concrete bridge of its kind in the world. Perth is very much a divided city – it is common for people to identify themselves as either living or working north or south of the river. As such The Narrows bridge is a fundamental link.

The mechanical thumping chug-chug rhythm of cars  and the smooth swooshing of trains overhead (the line to Mandurah runs over the middle of the bridge) combined with the sounds of rustling leaves and small waves lapping at the river’s edge to make a delightful song. Standing beneath the bridge we found ourselves within a cathedral of the industrial world– beautiful arches, sweeping structures overhead and the afternoon sunlight dancing golden upon the river.

The fish weren’t biting for any of the anglers we saw, but that didn’t seem important. All of them were couples and as far as we could tell the most important aspect of their fishing expedition was spending time together. (Not that you’ll see me and my other half bond by placing a hook through the eye of a dead sardine)

The views from the bridge are breathtaking, the city skyline to the north-east, Mt Eliza and the war memorial to the north-west, the mouth of the Canning River to the south-west and the south Perth foreshore to the south-east. Three hundred and sixty degrees of awesome.

A very pleasant afternoon indeed,

♥ Sally

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  1. I love the shot from underneath the bridge! that looks awesome.

  2. Just gorgeous Sally, thats for giving me a new view and insight into the Narrows. I have to admit I've only ever seen it at 80km/h before.

  3. Brilliant Sally! Love the collage. Almost felt like I could have been there with your wonderful description. Much more exciting than your first one hey?
    Would you believe I had been in trawling your blog only a few days before wondering if I'd missed your second K2 venture? lol. I must have know something, although I've no idea how I did actually manage to miss it after all! :)


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