Wednesday, March 24, 2010

finished (and struck from the list of things to do)

I present to you some finished projects:

1. The Birdie Shopping Bagbirdie shopping bagHeld up in production due to me completely forgetting how I fluked lining my original shopping bag. I finally managed to line this one after spending a lot of time with a lost friend. The pleats on one of the handles is an unintended design feature. The lining and the outer just didn’t match and I couldn’t bring myself to unpick it again!

2. Lounge Pants for Mr. 3lounge pants for Mr. 3 These lounge pants (… that’s just a fancy name of pyjama pants isn’t it? A euphemism of sorts so that we don’t feel so slothful hanging out in what effectively are our PJs) are for Mr. 3.  They have been waiting for the elastic in the waist for I don’t know how long. Both are made from old sheets. The floral pants I needed to hem as well. I thought I’d play around with one of the stitches on my (relatively) new machine.what should this stitch be used for?Obviously this stitch isn’t ‘suppose’ to be used for hemming pants – does anyone have any idea what its ‘proper’ purpose would be?

3. Baby Pantsbaby pants These pants are for a baby born not too long ago. I started them and then stopped when I found putting the elastic in the legs too fiddly. I think I’ve mastered it now. I was really starting to feel the pressure on this project as babies don’t stay small for long.

It feels really good to have finally finished these projects. Strange how some things just tend to hang around like a bad smell. Why is that?


  1. I know exactly what you mean, I finally finished a knitted wash cloth, just one tiny little wash cloth, it’s been hanging over my head for more than 6 months! It feels so good to get it finished; you must feel amazing to have all of those jobs done.

  2. Oh Sal, I'm inspired by your little flurry of completing! Well done. I keep piling more projects onto the unfinished ones... and then joining in swaps which have deadlines etc. Still, I guess nothing MUST be done, so any completion is a good thing. Sometimes you just need fresh eyes or newfound skills too.

    Love the birdy bag. My little birds are stuck up above my sewing machine in a frame at present...


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