Wednesday, March 31, 2010

just a minute …in march

Listening… to lots Ministry of Sound albums. Loving it. Also listening to my little girl ‘talk’ and my boy ‘read’ stories to me. Loving that too.

Reading… material relating to my job. Lots of catching up after over fifteen months on maternity leave. Not particularly exciting reading material at all.

Watching… The Wire. This lady said it was addictive and she was right. Also been watching Beautiful People on the ABC on Wednesday night. So so so very funny. Managed to find some time to watch Lost in Austen on DVD while I crocheted too. The concept and idea are brilliant and it was certainly a fresh take on a story that I know very very well… but… I find the whole concept of time travel disturbing. What about all the people in the present worrying about where the heroine is? My concern for the principal character’s worrying mother can be a bit of a spoiler.

Sewing… a peg pinny that is perhaps the most useful thing I have made to date. I still get a thrill when I put it on to head outside to hang out a load of washing. Weirdo hey? Also made up some matching PJs for my handsome boys and managed to finish a pile of WIPs. Perhaps most exciting was learning to use a rotary cutter and sew little bits of material together. Surprising how enjoyable the process is.

Crocheting… square after square for my granny square blanket. Started crocheting another scarf – this time in my partner’s team’s colours while I waited for wool to be delivered but have since abandoned the project for the time being.

Photographing… with my new camera! YAY! …but sometimes getting frustrated that there just aren’t enough sunlight hours in the day. 

Playing… for the last time in the ocean until next summer.

last summer swim


  1. Sounds like you are having a fab time at the moment. Love the family shot :)

  2. What a wonderful month it has been. Cannot wait for April.

  3. Sally this shot is amazing! Love it! Please remember to get it printed out - I always forget...It's a keeper!

    Also, I LOVED the wire, tis very addictive viewing indeed, at first I didn't understand what everyone was raving about but I soon got engrossed and invested in the characters storylines!

    Love your peg pinny too - sometimes it might be simple or superfluous even but if it makes you happier when doing the more mundane tasks of everyday life then who could argue with that?!

    Finally, I'd love you to send me your address please so I can send you the print you liked in my giveaway. Sorry for not contacting you sooner. Shameful indeed. My email is

    Thanks Sally, have a great day, x sara


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