Wednesday, March 31, 2010

map 287: K2

K2 Map 287 K2 Map 287 postcard

Dear  ….,

Our K2 adventures have taken us to map 287 and the Vietnam War Memorial in Kings Park. I confess that we’ve been to this part of the park many, many times before, as neighbouring L2 has a most wonderful play ground, filled with prehistoric animals and a duck pond, but this was the first time that I realised there was a monument to the soldiers of the Vietnam War. I’d never noticed it before. A fine sculpture depicts two soldiers on patrol, but not in a gratuitous heroic mode. The memorial was only opened in 2002 and regardless of your attitudes to war it is just that the participants of this war are now being acknowledged.

♥ Sally

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  1. I've been to King's Park (even though I live over east ;-)) but I don't remember seeing that memorial. I'm glad it's there, though. The ostracism Vietnam Vets suffered on their return was incredibly debilitating for many of them, so it's a great thing that official recognition is happening properly now. Hopefully it will help with the healing process.


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