Saturday, April 24, 2010

april sewing challenge :: something lined


April’s sewing challenge is to sew something lined. For the first time this year I didn’t leave the sewing challenge until the last moment. All part of my endeavours to be more actinic – but I’ll write more about that in a future post. My challenge offering is this yoga bag:

yoga bag

For the lining I refashioned this sari that I picked up for a bargain price at a market in Sri Lanka many many moons ago:

the lining

Don’t freak out - I didn’t  take scissors to a beautiful silk sari… I’m pretty sure there is a lot of polyester in this fabric. I’ve never been a big fan of the browny-gold colour in the middle so I used that for the lining seeing that it wasn’t really going to be see that much down the barrel of a yoga bag.

inside the bag

The rich red and gold border around the top is really lush. I love it. Even so I think I might have another go at making a yoga bag – a bit more to my own specifications so that a pocket is included for keys and the like.

To check out more projects with a bit of lining head on over to Carolyn’s.


  1. It's so satisfying to make a lined bag! Have you ever tried any of Nicole Mallalieu's patterns (from You Sew Girl)? They're really good, and very useful learning projects for no-idea sewers like me! I think I learned more from sewing one of her patterns than I did in a semester of year 7 sewing at school (not that that would be hard, but you know what I mean!).

    I LOVE that sari edging at the top of the bag - it would make me smile every time I opened it, I think! xx

  2. Lovely bag! I piked on the "something lined" citing previous engagements (but meaning that I remember with shudders the tailored lined projects from my high school days)

  3. Fabulous yoga bag! I love that you used the colour section you're least fond of - I do that too for lining ;) Kx

  4. What a terrific bag, looks great!

  5. Love your yoga bag! What a great idea for a lined project. I really like the simplicity of the outside and then inside you get a pop of color. Keep up the great work!!

  6. Nice one - and something useful too! I don't usually do the lined thing either, but thought I might make the effort for this months challenge - we'll see how we go.

  7. That si fabulous!! Well done with your lining. Hope all is well in your little slice of the world :)

  8. what a great practical bag! Now when you skip off to yoga you can wear a smile on your face knowing you made such a fab bag!

  9. The bag looks great - and so does the beautiful fabric laid out just so :)


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